Nov 15, 2009

Random Abandon

Total random abandon
I'm checkin up on all you blog rebels
Just pinchin all of you
to see where you are

This post was sparked by a random run-in
with a long-lost acquaintance at Target today

Inspired me to check out Rule of Thirds
and check in on everybody else

(Jumpin' Juniper, J, where art thou?
Wert 'appened 2 all toes fotoes, grrl?)

You can bet this grass
this clover
this whatever-it-is
is still green

May be November, but this is California

Happy Turkey/Tofurky Day, America

See you around


Jul 25, 2009

Summer Pick: Urban Nightscapes

Summer's come, the natives are restless.
Evan, who was home-schooled last year,
has satisfied his high school photography class requirement,
and so, no urgency regarding further proof that he can shoot from
the hip and file the results here on the page.  

I am on self-prescribed spiritual retreat (ha-ha!),
putting the tools to work,
peeling the onion, so to speak,
and I think I'll just leave the rest a mystery.

The photos are from a recent batch of nightscapes.
The light streamers in #2 came from a truck with a car in tow,
which I let sail right through the frame.
The tow driver then veered left and sped
through the open gate of a barbed-wire fence just out of frame,
and I prayed that he would not come back and sock me.
(One never knows with involuntary photography subjects.)

Anyway, good summer, all,
and if we don't see you,
and you don't see us,
have a peaceful life.


Jul 14, 2009

Photographer's Choice: Departures

can't remember whether he'd put in the tomatoes yet
but here he's watering something
Evan's dad
my ex-husband
today he's leaving to go on tour with the musicians
he manages on the road
his wife stays behind
her job's to be pregnant and get ready for baby

behind him, more garden
the stones we laid five years past
the cracks lined with dead thyme
done in by his enthusiastic mowing
and - dang - let's do something about that flash going off!
it's broad daylight, for God's sake!

here's his airport taxi camouflaged in Bottlebrush
drat! there's that flash again
'bye, ex. Have a good trip

Jul 12, 2009

Rule of Thirds: Summer Protocol

Rule of Thirds has decided to wing it for Summer.

During July and August, we will be letting our photographers
post non-sequentially and choose their own themes.

Two basic rules still stand:

Please allow 48 hours between posts
and no more than 3 pictures max per post.

Thanks and have fun!

Jul 6, 2009

Photographer's Choice: Refrigerator Decor

Wouldn’t you agree it’s time for
a display of refrigerator decor?
Although the above lines do rhyme
in spite of the professor's opinion that
“You’ll never be taken seriously
as a poet if you rhyme!”
and I truly believe that decorative
baskets are excellent for hiding
clutter if you run out of shopping bags
and the bug that bobs when you open
the frig, hoping there’s something
good to snack on besides peanut
butter is so attractive,
compelling even, don’t you agree?


Jul 1, 2009

Photographer's Choice: And Now For Something Completely Different

One from a stand of tin can hams, Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

A Klee/Miro/de Saint Phalle splash on a Shattuck studio wall

Sculptor Mark Bullwinkle progeny shaking it on Shattuck at The Dry Garden 'neath a tattered billboard

Happy Summer, Y'all!

Jun 24, 2009

New Theme: Photographer's Choice

Photographers? - you've earned it.
Please post three photographs of your choice, any theme.
The one requirement is that the photos must all be new, created especially for this post.
There need not be a unifying theme between pictures.