Nov 19, 2008

Botanical Findings: Among the Rocks


Among the rocks and trees, they thrived,
twenty-nine species of ferns I planted
before our daughter died.
The intricate Polypodium, Polystichum, Pellaea;
their laddered fronds, minute brown sporangia,
the tender curl of emerging crosiers.

We tended her until she left us.
The ferns, forgotten, shriveled and died.
Only the hardiest persevered:
Western sword fern, Button Fern, Cliff brake,
California polypody and the Little Hard Fern.

This year, the seventh November we mourn her,
my husband and I sit in our restored rock garden
amid an extravagance of chert and basalt,
wildflowers receding into earth for winter’s duration.

Twenty-four species of ferns now thrive.
Red Admirals and white Cabbage butterflies persist,
the Anna's hummingbirds standing on air.

Our next Bloggers Three theme is: Food Fantasies!
Have at it!


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Laurie Cannon said...

What do you mean by food fantasies?

Oh well, I got an idea.