Nov 18, 2008

Botanical Findings: Behind the Face

This theme was all about looking at nature in a whole new way, therefore, taking unusual pictures with different points of view. I should be going after my grandmother (Ama) but i couldn't wait to post these so I'm taking advantage of this blog's lack of rules and I'm going out of order. The first picture I took is of the back of a sun flower (the stem is running up). It's interesting to know that so much beauty is hiding behind the yellow face of the sun flower.

The next picture I took was of a dying plant; it's leaves brown and crispy. Most people over look the plants who are past their prime, but if you really take a second to examine the intricate patterns and colors that we just call "death", you may be surprised...


Laurie Cannon said...

Evan, I was really surprised by your close-ups here. The angles and the plants are beautiful. Inspiring.
Thank you.

ama said...

What beautiful, complex photographs, dear Evan. Surprising views from Nature, who is always full of surprises!