Nov 17, 2008

Botanical Findings: The Downtown Corridor

I have a temp job assisting a Northern California HMO department prepare for an audit. We're actually in the middle of an internal audit--like some kind of litmus test for the real thing...involving you-know-who...which, we are told, will descend upon us sometime within the next two years. When I will not be working there anymore. In the meantime, the Accounts Payable Department is a regular stop: invoice heaven.

The botanicals along the way provide 
relief while navigating the Downtown Oakland corridor, and pop up along the path between my office and Accounts Payable three blocks away. I make the AP pilgrimage three times a week to collect construction invoices for the audit. The hike is both a blessing and a curse: at times I'm grateful for the chance to get out and breathe. At other times, it's a grind sliding back and forth between two monoliths framing a job that is not, as they say, "a good fit." Photographing the jog's a change, though. For the better. Thank you, photo fans.



ama said...

I'm definitely your photo fan, as always, dear Laurie.
Love, Ama

Evan said...

i absolutely love the "FIRE LANE" picture. when some one would think of botanical findings, they would think of lots of plants and lush forests. I feel like your pic really captured the fact that i wanted people to look at it in a new way. amazing!!