Nov 22, 2008

Food Fantasies: Keep It Simple

I had thought I might invade Andronico's and make a panorama of their chocolate section--or their bulk candies--or the ices and sorbets in the frozen food section. But because I work 9 to 5, I settled on what foodstuffs I could find upon stumbling into my ex's kitchen at the end of the day. I mean, that I like. Which required that I halve five onions for the shoot. And baste them with Canola oil--no--Olive oil, and bake them in the toaster oven--no--convection oven--no--broil them in the convection oven. At 400 degrees.

While I was arranging them on newspaper, I thought, "Gee! I could be a food stylist!" But then I thought, "No. I've tried enough things in life; time to go down a different road. But actually, I might have a new career. A job--TBA. Which doesn't require slicing onions. 

Happy Thanksgiving, photo fans.

Love, Laurie  


ama said...

That is one celebrity onion! Yes, I see your new career, Food Stylist to the Stars!
Love, Ama

Didi said...

Evan, ama and Laurie,

This is such a great idea! Evan, what does your photography teacher think so far?