Nov 21, 2008

Food Fantasies: Mountain of Deserts

Food Fantasies: Mountain of Desserts

To climb the Mountain of Desserts there are no consequences—no arterial Clog, no concerns with Avoirdupois, no outbreak of Pimples, Hives or Rashes, no Gastrointestinal Complications.

I join a throng of mountaineers at the ready to conquer this peak, my gear at hand. An easy climb to the Pudding Outcrop. Will I choose the rice pudding, flan, trifle or bread pudding with rum sauce? I nibble at each, then progress to Sundaes, digging in my crampons between banana splits and chocolate fudge sundaes topped with drifts of whipped cream. I rappel across the Pie Crevasse, pumpkin, marionberry, peach a la mode. I will savor them on the descent. Up I go, cutting steps with my ice axe into Cake Cascade: chocolate fudge, carrot, cheesecake. I taste and compare. Almost to the top, Pastry Apex, bear claws with almond paste, cheese Danish and sticky buns illuminated by the golden glow of sunrise.

Eureka! I’ve reached the summit, Cone Peak, studded with Nestles’ Drumsticks, delectable scoops of vanilla ice cream with caramel or chocolate centers set in waffle cones, glazed with dark chocolate, dipped in chopped nuts. I pull one from the snow and ice. Another springs up in its place. That first bite, and second and third, glorious!

Love, Ama

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