Nov 20, 2008

Food Fantasies: Uncoffle my Waffle

When I read "food fantasies", I had no clue what to do, especially because it's so much trouble just to get into the kitchen. So I decided to just wait and see what was placed in front of me. Conveniently, at the beginning of the day, Eggo waffles were served! I saw how the little crevasses had a much thinner wall then on the ridges. It also has many interesting bubbles. In the end, I got my lamp, stuck the waffle on it, took some pictures, then syruped and ate my subject.


Laurie Cannon said...

That's good, Ev. I didn't realize that the waffle arrived on a plate.
And better not chuck that wretched lamp just yet, huh?
lv, mom

ama said...

I'd never realized before that waffles were like mountains, complete with crevasses and ridges, glowing in the sunrise or sunset, that glow you are so fond of. I look forward to more of your excellent surprises, dear Evan.
Love, Ama