Nov 15, 2008

Somewhere I Don't Often Go: In the Bedroom

Somewhere I don't often go is my old bedroom. I moved out when Evan's dad and I separated in 2003 about a month before Christmas, and into a tiny room just off this one, which sits beyond the open door.

The birthday garland is something I strung up for fun; it supports the Mexican tin ornaments I used to collect, and still hangs in the bedroom. I left it behind for Evan's dad, who uses it to anchor his thoughts when he wakes up mornings.

The blinds in the room are rarely open--even now, I think--because they look out onto a neighbor's kitchen, and it's uncomfortable swimming nude in a fishbowl.

That's my old bedroom. Where I rarely go.


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ama said...

Stunning, unexpected views, just like you! I love this blog, these pictures.