Nov 16, 2008

Somewhere I Don't Often Go: Outside

In my wheelchair, rolling just outside my back door and on to the back porch, I felt out of place in a way. I felt like I didn't belong out where things happened, because I have been inside for so long. It's strange to think that a place that most people buy to be protected by the world is what's keeping me from being more connected with the world. As gnats started to swarm, I realized that, yes, I love being outside but, no, not at dusk when I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

My absolute favorite time to be outside (especially when I have my camera with me) is the golden hour, when the sun is setting and everything is illuminated with this wonderful glowing light.

Someday I'll take that perfect golden picture...

So the next theme of the week (well, really it's only a few days but whatever. "Of the week" sounds better than "of the next few days") is Botanical findings. The object is to look at the subject in a whole new way, apart from just pointing and shooting. This will give us a chance to look at plants and other shrubbery in a whole new way: new angles, new textures, new colors. Experiment. Try to look at the botanical in a whole new way!

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ama said...

Such a mystery, dear Evan! And I love your link to the Golden Hour. Which is also my favorite time, especially just before dusk, when the light changes, deepens, glows.
Love, Ama