Dec 24, 2008

Absurd: Quips From Heaven

Six months into channeling Spirit, I asked what He'd been when He was a man. Spirit said, "I was never a man. I am the Holy Spirit."

Spirit offers useful operating instructions for Awakening. Since Divine laws are upside-down and backwards relative to what passes for reason on earth, I thought these sound bites—taken out of context, of course—would be perfect for this absurd assignment.

The following is Spirit's response to my fretting over the old window blinds in the apartment I moved into in August:

Spirit interprets "help":

What hate is, and what it's for:

Spirit's elucidation—one of His favorite words—re my journey to "Heaven":
That's it, Photo Fans.
"Be well. Be in trust."

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Unnecessary J said...

This is so powerful...