Dec 5, 2008

Recovery: Evan At Home

RECOVERY: Evan At Home

Ev is recovering from hip arthroscopy. I'm not going to go into detail about this, but the situation, at its most superficial--or so I think--requires the hovering round and general assistance of various family members; much TV-watching--including Food Challenge, Prototype This, Seinfeld, School of Rock, 30 Rock, Fringe, House, Time Warp, and Everybody Hates Chris; and card game, gameboard, and computer activities.

The second most popular entertainment concerns food. What Evan and everyone else are going to eat three times a day. Then there's the pain pill issue: staying on top of them...wondering when the last time was he took one.

Evan's doing well; the incisions look good and are healing well. There's just the problem of getting the feeling back in his left foot; a consequence of wearing tight "boots" during surgery to facilitate traction and create a space between the joints big enough to slip the arthroscope through.

Evan is pictured here in his power recliner, with remote controls at hand, and crutches in the background. We try to keep the photo composition interesting: Recovery is an art.

Stay well, photo fans.

Love, Laurie

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ama said...

Dear Laurie, you give us a good picture of Evan's recovery, environment, what's happening. Thanks. Love, ama