Dec 8, 2008

Recovery: Out For a Roll

Today I was feeling good enough to go out in the wheelchair and roll around the neighborhood. I saw it as a chance to capture the pictures I had been meaning to take.

I love the one below. It's sort of like the tree is growing up into the sky, but it mirrors how the roots grow into the ground. No matter how many cycles go by, where the leaves fall off and the branches are bare, they will always grow back. Every year there is a sense of recovery; with every tree that regains it's leaves, and the ability to sway in the wind, a boy regains his ability to walk...

I loved this as well. Two lone yellow flowers had survived, while every other flower around them were hardened and gray. We are all able to survive, no, to thrive; all we have to do is try.

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ama said...

Oh how beautiful, dearest Evan, the pictures, the sentiments. Your wonderful philosophy.

Love you,