Dec 28, 2008

Texture: Back To Basics

Pardon the lower quality and the smaller size of the pictures – I took them on my Film SLR, got the photos developed at Walgreens, then scanned them on to the computer. It's just so amazing to feel the film being wound within the camera between each picture, the satisfying "Ca-Chick" of the shutter opening and closing, faster than the blink of an eye. The weight of the analogue technology, previously owned by my Mom. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful...
I've been staring at this optical illusion for days. The thin wooden rods that make up the blinds are doubled up, making an intriguing pattern as you look through the two layers and out the window.
I didn't have to go to far to find texture – My camera case is a perfect example of how beautiful texture is all around us, calling out to us. All we have to do is look at the world in a new way to notice. 

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ama said...

I love how you look at the world in a new way.

Your ama who loves and admires you.