Dec 13, 2008

Winter: California Winter

WINTER: California Winter

I had thought I might find a sun-tanned jogger or two today—and there was a woman in shorts who looked uneasy in the blue cold blanketing the streets before the sun rose this morning. She ran across my path as I pumped my bike on the way to Chavez Park. The park sits on a former city dump, and every year surveyors come to measure how low and quickly the island is settling in the bay. That is, if it is. I haven't asked. 
How do you measure a California winter? How do you know it's come?
By the color and crowding of leaves on the ground,
the drift of silver weeds that wait for sun,
the color of the air at a particular time of day. That's how you tell.

Don't exhaust yourselves shopping, photo fans. Be well. -Laurie  

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ama said...

Stunning photographs!