Dec 15, 2008

Winter: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor acetabular impingement will keep me from my picture taking

When it started to rain and hail today, I knew it was time to heave myself up from my chair and take some pictures. I love hail - the sound it makes when you step on it. Also, I'm still amazed that something that solid and heavy can form and fall from the sky.

A few days ago we got a Christmas tree (just a small one) and decorated it with lights and ornaments. Looking at it really reminds me of the fact that it's Christmas again. (Below: Christmas ornament, viewed from beneath)

(Above: Camera directed at our Christmas tree and jostled around while the picture was taken)

I love winter...

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ama said...

That hail photograph is spectacular! So is the hail doorknob! The Xmas ones are fun. Wow!!!