Nov 15, 2009

Random Abandon

Total random abandon
I'm checkin up on all you blog rebels
Just pinchin all of you
to see where you are

This post was sparked by a random run-in
with a long-lost acquaintance at Target today

Inspired me to check out Rule of Thirds
and check in on everybody else

(Jumpin' Juniper, J, where art thou?
Wert 'appened 2 all toes fotoes, grrl?)

You can bet this grass
this clover
this whatever-it-is
is still green

May be November, but this is California

Happy Turkey/Tofurky Day, America

See you around


Jul 25, 2009

Summer Pick: Urban Nightscapes

Summer's come, the natives are restless.
Evan, who was home-schooled last year,
has satisfied his high school photography class requirement,
and so, no urgency regarding further proof that he can shoot from
the hip and file the results here on the page.  

I am on self-prescribed spiritual retreat (ha-ha!),
putting the tools to work,
peeling the onion, so to speak,
and I think I'll just leave the rest a mystery.

The photos are from a recent batch of nightscapes.
The light streamers in #2 came from a truck with a car in tow,
which I let sail right through the frame.
The tow driver then veered left and sped
through the open gate of a barbed-wire fence just out of frame,
and I prayed that he would not come back and sock me.
(One never knows with involuntary photography subjects.)

Anyway, good summer, all,
and if we don't see you,
and you don't see us,
have a peaceful life.


Jul 14, 2009

Photographer's Choice: Departures

can't remember whether he'd put in the tomatoes yet
but here he's watering something
Evan's dad
my ex-husband
today he's leaving to go on tour with the musicians
he manages on the road
his wife stays behind
her job's to be pregnant and get ready for baby

behind him, more garden
the stones we laid five years past
the cracks lined with dead thyme
done in by his enthusiastic mowing
and - dang - let's do something about that flash going off!
it's broad daylight, for God's sake!

here's his airport taxi camouflaged in Bottlebrush
drat! there's that flash again
'bye, ex. Have a good trip

Jul 12, 2009

Rule of Thirds: Summer Protocol

Rule of Thirds has decided to wing it for Summer.

During July and August, we will be letting our photographers
post non-sequentially and choose their own themes.

Two basic rules still stand:

Please allow 48 hours between posts
and no more than 3 pictures max per post.

Thanks and have fun!

Jul 6, 2009

Photographer's Choice: Refrigerator Decor

Wouldn’t you agree it’s time for
a display of refrigerator decor?
Although the above lines do rhyme
in spite of the professor's opinion that
“You’ll never be taken seriously
as a poet if you rhyme!”
and I truly believe that decorative
baskets are excellent for hiding
clutter if you run out of shopping bags
and the bug that bobs when you open
the frig, hoping there’s something
good to snack on besides peanut
butter is so attractive,
compelling even, don’t you agree?


Jul 1, 2009

Photographer's Choice: And Now For Something Completely Different

One from a stand of tin can hams, Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

A Klee/Miro/de Saint Phalle splash on a Shattuck studio wall

Sculptor Mark Bullwinkle progeny shaking it on Shattuck at The Dry Garden 'neath a tattered billboard

Happy Summer, Y'all!

Jun 24, 2009

New Theme: Photographer's Choice

Photographers? - you've earned it.
Please post three photographs of your choice, any theme.
The one requirement is that the photos must all be new, created especially for this post.
There need not be a unifying theme between pictures.

Jun 21, 2009

Expect the Unexpected: Duaflex IV

I was playing around with my old Duaflex IV, taking pictures of it (because it's no longer able to take pictures, itself).

I started experimenting more with taking pictures with my digital through the lens of the Duaflex. I was surprised with the unexpected: Abstract deliciousness.

*Clicking on the pictures to view the larger size makes them look more vibrant, for some reason*

Jun 18, 2009

Expect the Unexpected: Unexpecteds (i think i finally got the spelling right)

1. the light reflections on the ceiling
2. the black speck on my sock

3. the postcard portrait that came last week that looks like a De Kooning
4. the portrait's title, Diamond Lady
5. artist Thomas PriNgLe's last name 

6. what it says on the paper textile on my kitchen wall

Jun 15, 2009

Expect the Unexpected!: In the 'Hood

This Blue Heron poised on highest point of backyard neighbor’s roof waits patiently for me to grab my camera. He probably has a nest in vicinity of nearby Golden Gate Park's Stow Lake.

These grubby animals, including Teddy and Donald Duck, may be relics of the pickup owner’s childhood? Where’s his blanky?

Armadillo Bar-B-Q! Our friend Linda phoned to urge baba and me to get right down to Ft. Mason to see it. The guy who designed and built it and towed it all the way from Amarillo,Texas to San Francisco to cater a party, fed us a sample. Delicious!

I’m endlessly surprised.


NEW THEME: Expect the Unexpected!

Expect the Unexpected! I don’t know who originated this adage, but years ago I was very taken with it and I put up a Village Voice poster with that slogan, placing it on a wall where one wouldn’t see it, until turning on the stair landing to the next flight of stairs it would suddenly appear.

I like its oxymoron-ish aspect, that one’s expectation includes what one does not expect!
Surprise us!


Jun 12, 2009

Long Exposure: Urban Nightscapes

i am of two minds
one wants to play it safe
so it removes all my credits cards from my wallet
before i go out shooting after dark
leaves the cash
so if i get mugged i'll have something to give the guy

my neighbors walk by while i'm taking pictures
the girls love to talk
but go mute just before they turn down the drive
next to where i'm shooting

this is my process:
extend the tripod legs
screw the camera on top
drop the passenger seat and lay the gadget on it
leave the driver and passenger doors unlocked while shooting
so i can make a quick getaway if trouble starts
likewise, the contraption pops right out of the car
if i'm driving along and spot something good

like a pachyderm perched above a parking lot
the other mind loves Love
craves truth
gets the first mind to read Fear No Evil by Eva Pierrakos
dig this wild coincidence:
this morning Evan sent me this link
to an amazing TED lecture
that wraps up this two-mind idea
click here

Jun 9, 2009

Night: Two If By Night

The Italian artist Giorgio Morandi painted minimalist elongated bottles in muted colors. And that’s how my neighbor’s lit bathroom window with its assortment of silhouetted bottles appeared to me, like a local Morandi.

I didn't use a long exposure, unfamiliar with my little camera's capabilities, and the flash kicked in, actually adding to the mystery of the images.

Shooting my own closed window reflected back two abstract shapes, nicely spectral. And where did that rich blue shape come from? It all just happened.


Jun 7, 2009

Long Exposure: City Lights Reflected

It was interesting playing around with long exposure... and hard.
I probably should have read my camera's manual before I ventured out into the Berkeley Marina at 9:30, my frozen fingers fumbling with the camera's settings and various knobs and buttons.

But I think it was an overall success, especially because these landscapes the camera was capturing were pitch–black as I looked up, over my camera's lens. But after 30 seconds of the open shutter, What's this? (Semi) well–lit pictures appeared on the screen!

Jun 6, 2009

NEW THEME: Long Exposure

Light up the dark with a long exposure.

The picture doesn't need to be perfect ... Just play around with it. Experiment.

Jun 2, 2009

Industrial Snapshots: Color + Black and White

It goes against all my instincts to pair these pictures together. The blazing and eye–catching color extremes of the rusty wheel contrasted with the black and white cement.

Together, they reach across the spectrum.

May 31, 2009

Industrial Snapshots: Ready Mix

San Francisco Ready Mix, Illinois & Mariposa. That’s where Baba and I ended up, near Third Street, trying to find some remnant of local heavy industry that hadn’t migrated, outsourced, gone belly-up, rusted. No more American Can, Bethlehem Steel. Buildings turned into condos, lofts.

So I settled for San Francisco Ready-Mix, on a Sunday, not working, fenced-in, deserted, nothing, but nothing, happening.


May 26, 2009

Industrial Snapshots: Postcards from Industrial City, Emeryville, USA

i am blank tonight
maybe i should let the-little-city-that-could
speak for itself

there was a woman in a little red car in this tiny alley who looked at me funny through her rearview mirror
afterwards, I fantasized about returning with a snapshot postcard to leave in her mailbox so she could see I was making art, not casing houses on the street, scoping out marks for later
"look at this!" i'd say. "isn't it beautiful?!"

i imagined residents stepping outside to retrieve their mail
and finding postcards of the charming views they see everyday from their stoops across the street

emeryville, california
i like you a lot

:) laurie

NEW THEME: Industrial Snapshots

Some Industrial-strength photos, please.

Beginning with this post, two new rules apply:

1. Each blogger must wait at least 48 hours between posts.

2. There is no waiting period for the first post following the posting of a new theme.


May 24, 2009

B: Stands For...

I didn't really have anything specific in mind to shoot, 
so I just wandered around the house. 
It's time to learn your ABCs ... or maybe just your BBBs.


Bottle Brush

And, well, Bee

May 18, 2009

B: Artful Birds

Bird Art: Entrancing depictions, universally appealing.
Symbolic of grace, speed, lightness.
Transient creatures immortalized by artists everywhere.
Bird Art: Laurie’s papier mache bird eternally in flight.
Bird Art: Painted clay from Mexico, painted paper from India.
Beauty in my museum.


May 17, 2009

B: Is For Bike

Mornings, I ride down to the Berkeley Marina before Evan wakes up. There's zero storage in the apartment, so I keep my bike next to my bed and try not to thonk the wall between bedrooms while carrying out the bike. This is one of those pictures I love to take of Emeryville, California - the tiny city that is kind to cameras.

There's a rough trail that bisects the nature preserve at the Marina. In rainy weather the path floods and I'll be forced to use the paved road and dodge traffic and broken glass.

A few mornings ago there was a falcon, a blackbird, and a crow perched on lampposts above the road. The crow and the blackbird were none too pleased at the appearance of the falcon. The little blackbird stationed itself at the end of the kestrel's post, and over and over again dove and snapped at the predator's tail while the crow harangued him from its perch some distance away. I biked on, rounded the spit, and when I returned, the falcon was alone, the blackbird had flown, and the crow was on the ground pestering a hiker for food.
Here's the 880 overpass. I've left the Marina behind. Sometimes I'll dismount, park my bike, frame a shot, and stand and wait for the rest of the elements to drive into it...what I do for excitement.

Ama, I don't know what happened to "A",
but one thing I do know -
"B" is for "bike".



Is this EZ or what? Photograph and write about anything with B. It can begin with B, it can have the letter B in it! Bad is Burgeoningly Beautiful! Bottles Babble! The Be-All East Bay!


May 16, 2009

Treasure Hunt: Alameda Ghost Town

Today we drove down to the old 
Alameda Military Base on San Francisco Bay.
The base was abandoned by the navy a decade ago,
left to rust and crumble.
Insidious weeds, long jagged cracks in the pavement,
broken windows.

You feel as if you're being watched.

Out of place: A de-commissioned  bomber on a concrete pillar guards the base.

Red (and orange): A brake light on an abandoned truck in the middle of a concrete lot.

Broken: A warped and rusted car on risers with no wheels.