Jan 31, 2009

Oddities: Drive-by Shooting

After finally getting motivated enough to get out of the house and FIND something odd, I wound up just staying in the car. This goes against my photographic instincts; I like to integrate myself into the environment, but within the car, I really couldn't. At times, it was frustrating, but overall, it was fun.

I Loooove this panoramic feature in my camera. It lets me take three pictures, then it automatically stitches them together into one. I caught the bicyclist twice, coming and going.

Odd yellow pole placement, yes?

An old automobile transportation vehicular unit.

I had fun.

Jan 28, 2009

Oddities: On the Beach

I drive west to Ocean Beach on this gray San Francisco afternoon to see “Buffalo Bill and the Indians On the Beach,” created by artist/impresario Thom Ross. A long line in the sand, ranging from the Cliff House south towards Fort Funston. The backdrop of San Francisco’s Sunset District years away, dim in the fog. The dark gray-green ocean behind them. A strange panorama of headdresses, weapons, painted faces, costumes, steeds. Curiously compelling.


Oddities: Found Oddjects

This morning I got out early and headed over to this freakin weird park for some photos. It's actually an old dump that became a receiving area for debris from the highway 17 ramp that collapsed in the 1989 earthquake.
What one finds there is snaking rebar and graffiti'd concrete poking up out of the ground. A bunch of rebel artists adopted the site and began crafting sculpture and plywood canvasses from found oddjects and acrylic paint they hauled in.
Today, I found Einstein and Salvador Dali.
It's a two-part job capturing oddities there on film. There's morning shots, and shots that'll have to wait until late afternoon, when the sun gilds the west side of the spit.
Right after I found this heart, a big huskie named Pacman snuck up on me from behind. His owner said Pacman thinks everybody loves him. I told her I thought they probably do.

Be well,

Jan 26, 2009

NEW THEME: Oddities

The odd-ibilities are endless.
WhAt strikes yoo As odd?


The Machine: Stop! Man(kind) At Work!

The machines are excavating, scooping, dumping, patching the infrastructure. Repairing the damage we inflict, driving our prized machines!


Jan 25, 2009

The Machine: Cog Sauté

I found this lovely assortment of gears in a rusting frying pan, abandoned in the woods.
I love how the light hits the dirt, rust, and grime on the cogs...

Jan 24, 2009

The Machine: Bike Story

I was riding into work one day, trailing two cyclists pushing hard ahead. As I cleared the bus station, a man hailed me from the curb.

"Bitch--in front you got passing you two white people!"

I rolled my eyes, kept pumping.

Soon after, I received a divine report re

Bus Station Man...that he and I have a
gorgeous fate in common--anger,
faithlessness, addiction to strife.

These qualities delight and beleaguer us, and make our trials for God a shared enterprise in the Edenic Garden. Bus Station Man and I travel a similar road.

End of message. Biked on to work.

Stay the path, photo fans. Keep rolling.


Jan 22, 2009

NEW THEME: The Machine

Apparatus, appliance, automaton, computer, contraption, contrivance, device, engine, gadget, implement, instrument, mechanism, motor, robot, tool, vehicle, widget...

What ever you call it,

mechanics; either shiny and new, slightly used, or completely rusted, 
makes for a good photograph

Tchotchke: Meaningful Stuff

Each of my tchotchkes have their own special story and significance. Even though I had to dig in my cabinet for a while, looking for them; each one is immensely important to me for one reason or another...

In general, I have a problem with loving STUFF to much and keeping it around for too long, but in this case, I'm not just a pack rat.

Tchotchke: Where's Charlie?

Tchotchke: Where's Charlie?

Every time I see one of these finger puppets...or those goofy lollipops you sometimes see at the supermarket--from the 'impulse buy' lineup--I think of this guy who was a ceramics major at the San Francisco Art Institute years back. He was into casting these crazy creatures out of rubber.

After he finished school, he started making these gems for the beach set. Did a line of rubber bangles for Macy's--serpents with perforated tails slipped over noggin fasteners.

Unfortunately, rubber falls apart. So went his Macy's
goldmine. Don't know where he is now. ...Why I'm asking "Where's Charlie?"


Tchotchke: Necessary, Loved

I need my tchotchkes. Around me, in all my rooms. My grandson’s wonderfully artful collaged objects, a lounging wooden dog and rooster, a flamingo grabber. Familiar whimsy, amusing, comforting memorabilia.


Jan 20, 2009

NEW THEME: Tchotchke

“Tchotchke” is this week’s theme. From that universal language, Yiddish. And this word (pronounced TCHOTCH-keh) has become Americanized, found in Webster’s, integrated into our slang, fond, expressive. A knickknack, a trinket. The world is your tchotchke, bloggers!


Shadow: Haikus

Hazy morning light
shimmers, filtered through the grid
warm squares on my face

Cold metal wires
the lamp light causes shadows,
like worms slithering

Jan 19, 2009

Shadow: The Long and Short of It

As a child, I was fascinated by my own shadow’s variations, sometimes long, skinny, unlike the real me, sometimes short, almost not there, hugging my feet. I remember trying to pounce on it, snare it. It couldn’t be caught. These days I am unaware of my own shadow, although I look at the shadows made by natural and manmade objects and admire their artistry, intricacy. Design in everything.


Jan 18, 2009

Shadow: After Friedlander

Shadow: After Friedlander

   I have little to say re this.
   It was fun.


You are to interpret shadow . . . however that may strike you.


Food Guilt: Head Cheese

Head cheese (brawn, souse), is not a cheese but meat pieces, usually from the head or feet of a pig, in gelatin, seasoned with onion, black pepper, allspice, bay leaf, salt and/or vinegar, eaten cold as a lunch meat. (Ref. Wikipedia)

Beautifully transparent, it is produced and relished in its infinite variations, around the world, including the Hungary and Germany of my ancestors. Maybe that’s why I could eat a whole pound by myself. Except that Baba likes it too, thus saving me from my greedy inclination!

My late neighbor, Velma Henderson, made a delicious head cheese, probably Louisiana-style. She gave me her recipe, but I never did make it. I buy it, sliced very thin, by the pound, at Cal-Mart’s deli. Heaven!


Jan 17, 2009

Food Guilt: Ruining Futures

A pure white soul lies waiting for its time to hatch. It thinks about its future, about all the places it will see, eggs it will lay, all the roads it will cross.

Oh, but what have I done? There is no future for this soul. It is lost forever, left to wander the endless realm of  darkness (in my stomach). It is impossible to redeem myself in the eyes of the chicken community.

Now this lost soul will never make it across the road. 

"Why would such a chicken cross the road?", you might ask.

It would have braved many obstacles, faced many hurdles, just simply, to get to the other side.

Jan 16, 2009

Food Guilt: Flab

Food Guilt: Flab

What you see isn't entirely due to over-eating. I've gone slack on exercise. Was in book-edit mode and sat on my butt for six weeks. Can't foist total blame on that either, though. Over Christmas, I ate a lot of sweets.

Gone are the days of self-deprivation, when I used to walk into markets and see chocolate anything - and cakes, cookies, et cetera - and tell myself, "Can't buy that." Now, I say yes. What you see is why I have food guilt.

Be well Photo Fans.


Jan 15, 2009

NEW THEME: Food Guilt

Mmmm. Looks good, doesn't it?

Oh no, I really couldn't..

C'mon... Go ahead and splurge for once.


Oh, go on. You deserve it.

If you insist... maybe just one...

Thats it. Eat it. Indulge.

Oooh thats tasty.
I guess I could have one more...

Bluebird of Happiness: Music

My bluebird of happiness is music. In a way, over the years, I have used music to find out more about myself – to identify who I am. Music is my passion, and one of the ways I express myself. I definitely feel that without it, I wouldn't be the same.

Bluebird of Happiness: A Concept

Bluebird of Happiness: A Concept

I was hanging out with Evan when I got the theme for this post. I wasn't going to go out and try to track down a live bird for this assignment, so I decided to make one on my laptop.

The image expresses, to be frank, how I feel about happiness right now: flat.

I was told, once, that peace is happiness. And that peace is a choice. If you choose peace, you have to apply that choice to all things. All situations. I'm working my way up to that. You'll know I've achieved it when you find yourself looking at me like I'm nuts. When I perplex or disappoint, it may be because I'm finding peace.

That's how things can shake down on the way to taking flight to become the bluebird of happiness.

Be well, Photo Fans.

Jan 13, 2009

Bluebird of Happiness: In My Backyard

Is it a myth, a metaphor, a vision? Watching the Anna’s Hummingbirds fly in my own backyard is, for me, like seeing the Bluebird of Happiness. Never having glimpsed these amazing wee birds until I moved to San Francisco from the East Coast, I am mesmerized by their exuberance, their grace, their speed, their extraordinary gymnastics: hovering, flitting, sipping. Perched on a bare crab-apple branch in our mild January winter, the female in her brown and white suit, three inches long, motionless, unafraid.


Jan 12, 2009

NEW THEME: Bluebird of Happiness

What is the Bluebird of Happiness? Is it a bird, a plane, Superman? Is it real, a myth, a metaphor? What is your Bluebird of Happiness?


Jan 9, 2009

Color: Color Chips Off The Old Blocks

I got the ideas for these snaps from Evan and Ama. I liked the fridge focus on Ama's idea, and I loved Ev's colorful pencil close-ups.
I like zooming in big. How about you, Photo Fans?
Happy New Year. Stay well.
Love, Laurie

Jan 7, 2009

Color: Elements of Color

When I think of colors, I think of many colors all at once, but I also think of texture, light, and mood. With out these elements, colors would nowhere mean as much to us as they do now.

Jan 1, 2009

Color: Surrounded By Color

Embraced by a collage of color, the color of my life, the pieces of it, always around me
to gather in, recall, appreciate, love. A plenitude of remembrances: of dearest family,
of cherished friends, of events, artifacts.
A wealth of images, memories.
Reminding me of my history.
Of how fortunate I am.