Jan 18, 2009

Food Guilt: Head Cheese

Head cheese (brawn, souse), is not a cheese but meat pieces, usually from the head or feet of a pig, in gelatin, seasoned with onion, black pepper, allspice, bay leaf, salt and/or vinegar, eaten cold as a lunch meat. (Ref. Wikipedia)

Beautifully transparent, it is produced and relished in its infinite variations, around the world, including the Hungary and Germany of my ancestors. Maybe that’s why I could eat a whole pound by myself. Except that Baba likes it too, thus saving me from my greedy inclination!

My late neighbor, Velma Henderson, made a delicious head cheese, probably Louisiana-style. She gave me her recipe, but I never did make it. I buy it, sliced very thin, by the pound, at Cal-Mart’s deli. Heaven!



Laurie Cannon said...

Nice photo, gross food. Don't know how you can eat it, but then, you are a Cannon. One never knows with them.

Evan Neff said...

The crinkled paper background adds a really nice touch.

good photo