Jan 28, 2009

Oddities: Found Oddjects

This morning I got out early and headed over to this freakin weird park for some photos. It's actually an old dump that became a receiving area for debris from the highway 17 ramp that collapsed in the 1989 earthquake.
What one finds there is snaking rebar and graffiti'd concrete poking up out of the ground. A bunch of rebel artists adopted the site and began crafting sculpture and plywood canvasses from found oddjects and acrylic paint they hauled in.
Today, I found Einstein and Salvador Dali.
It's a two-part job capturing oddities there on film. There's morning shots, and shots that'll have to wait until late afternoon, when the sun gilds the west side of the spit.
Right after I found this heart, a big huskie named Pacman snuck up on me from behind. His owner said Pacman thinks everybody loves him. I told her I thought they probably do.

Be well,


ama said...

A grand assortment. Here's to the odd and the beautiful, beautifully photographed.

Unnecessary J said...

wonderful photos :] a beautiful post.