Feb 7, 2009

Child's Play: The Playground

My son, Evan, used to fly in these swings at the Acton Street Playground when he was a tot. It wasn't a favorite--Totland being the creme de la creme of Berkeley community playgrounds--but Acton Street fit the bill for a little quick kiddie diversion within walking distance of home. 

When Ev was little, it'd be a blast to walk into one of those kiddie resale stores and discover an old truck or baby rattle made from wood. Plastic's been king for a while now, and everything pops with that Disney look.
Say hi to Cinderella...or maybe it's Snow White. Tot icon, front and center on a cell phone replica. Stamped with raspberry yogurt.

Thank God it's Playday. Happy Saturday! Happy Happy!



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Unnecessary J said...

wounderful pictures and thoughts. happy happy to you too :]

ama said...

I enjoyed The Playground pictures. Great staging.