Feb 2, 2009

Sign: Signs and Symbols at Work

I work in facilities management in HMO administration. I am devoted to spiritual practice and keep messages from Spirit posted on my cube wall to preserve my sanity and remind me of my place in God.  
I was reacquainted with Moon River when I was out biking one night and the Holy Spirit told me He felt like (singing) a song. He picked this song I'd known since way back when and dived in--which annoyed me because I was ticked-off at the time and thought it was His job to make me feel better--not serenade me with a blue tune. When I got to work the next day, I printed out the lyrics and realized that the words allude--very broad interpretation here--to forgiveness and going Home. Everyone's after the same rainbow's end
I was biking to work one morning when I received this message from Spirit. The idea is that when one is ready for God, one will release one's interpretations of the world and embrace God's. I had it up for awhile, then took it down and carried it around in my back pack for several weeks, then re-posted it. It's printed in tiny font so that only those who really want to will read it.
This message is about how we are One in God. That which we are calls to Its own.

These are the signs and symbols I keep close at work.

Be well,

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tangobaby said...

What a lovely post. You stopped by to visit my blog recently and left such a sweet comment. And here you are.

I'm glad you are able to find such wonderful messages in life.

All the best.