Feb 25, 2009

What I Forgot... To Post

Lately I've been having trouble remembering to post... Well, remembering to take the photos for the post. I know this is a really bad segue from the theme (the segue being that I forget to post a lot, and this is a post right now, and this is what's in this post. Basically, this post has nothing to do with forgetfulness). Ug. Whatever.

Soooooo, moving on. Someone recently pointed me in the direction of the online photo editor, Picnik.com
(Thanks Caroline, Miz Unnecessary J!)
...And I've just been exploring the wonders of the site. There are so many cool things you can do to your pics. Usually I stay away from enhancing my pictures digitally, but on Picnik, it's so fun and easy...


Isn't it amazing? It really makes my picture POP.


Laurie Cannon said...

Your pictures connect to what you forgot to do--post--in that you were having so much playing
with Picnik that you forgot to post.
Great enhanced photo, by the way.

ama said...

Love your Picniked photo. It's reminiscent of a Polarizer-filtered effect, but more dramatic and exciting!

Unnecessary J said...

haha isn't picnik so much fun? love this :]

Unnecessary J said...

oh and by the way i LOVE that purple octagon that the sun made. good catch.

Anonymous said...

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