Mar 21, 2009

Game On: Stop. Smog Test. Where Is Your Family?

When my son announced the new blog theme--Game On--I assumed that this was a post that would require a light touch. I'd just been out shooting groovy urban landscapes and was all pumped about that and in no mood to stalk playgrounds and the like to capture pictures of toys or kids at play.

Last night, I was kind of guilting myself for having missed two check-ins (?) with the Spirit I channel--daily dialoging being a recommended part of spiritual practice. When I opened the file I discovered that the last entry had Spirit comparing life on earth to a game. Big coincidence, considering the new blog theme. Spirit's offering was triggered by a transatlantic telephone call my ex-husband made to our son a couple days ago. During that call, my son spoke to his father, then to his English Grandparents, as they are called (one's actually a Yank), and then to his father again. Then they hung up. It felt weird for my ex to call all the way from England and ring off without saying hi. After all, we've known one another 20 years. I didn't especially need to speak with my ex. Still, it felt strange.

I brought my confusion to Spirit--He of the big picture--and this is what He said:

Dear one, you are right where you want to be, where you need to be. It is no longer necessary for you to be cruising around, tracking down people to love and to have relationships with. You would only find yourself right back in the soup you toppled into before. You would still feel just as unsatisfied with those relationships as you were at first. Is this what you would again desire? Is this--the thing you already pursued and relinquished--what you would again want? This puzzle? This game? Do not return to the past and hope that something new will come of the games you once played that you believed would mend and satisfy. Do not return to the past. Keep moving, and you will return to your actual home in peace.

This is what I want
no games
only truth


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ama said...

I enjoyed the picture very much. The sentiments are important. How to use the past?