Mar 4, 2009

Rule of Thirds: The Downtown Sweep

Today was my last day at my job. Sort of. My manager, who is always swamped, has been ditching me for weeks, trying to avoid saying good-bye. I walked the urban sweep at noon and shot photos till the charge ran out. The view above was taken from Snow Park, a small stretch of green directly across the street from work. 
The Winnebago turned up at the foot of the park. That's corporate headquarters in the background. The company is installed in five buildings in the area. I call the one I work in "The Palace". I got lost on my floor once. Left the elevator and thought I'd arrived in an alternate universe. A team mate took me back out into the lobby and showed me some landmarks to look out for so I wouldn't get stumped again. Gave me all his little tricks for staying on track. The tour worked. I never got lost again.



ama said...

Terrific pix! Love your writing, too. Always have. The humor, the irony, the perception, the language.

Evan Neff said...

Yeah, Mom, I really loved your pics. I'm glad I got to see them all last night!

Unnecessary J said...

wonderful colors, i like the palm tree...looks like perfect weather :]