Apr 30, 2009

Gadgets: Irresistible!

Our house was built in 1910. We moved here in November 1959, almost fifty years ago. And still attached to the kitchen wall was an old-fashioned bottle/jar opener. It is more than fifty years old, maybe as old as the house, close to 100 years old. I use it all the time. I pull the spring back with the little black knob, insert the top of the jar, push the spring back with the knob for the jaws to clench the top. When it’s firmly gripped, turn the jar, now see the top loosen. It’s my favorite gadget.

Some of the others: the chicken timer, the Japanese goma toaster, sesame seed shaken over the flame till golden, the garlic press I bought when I was first married, some fifty-seven years ago, in a hardware store on Polk Street, and a wedge-shaped but efficient Wilton ice cream scoop, red rubber-like grip, streamlined silver head, the latest gadget I couldn’t resist. Oh, lovely gadgets!


Apr 27, 2009

NEW THEME: Gadgets

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
I chose Gadgets as our new theme because—true confession—I love ‘em! Especially
kitchen gadgets. Many times I have declared (to myself) that I will not buy any more gadgets.
I reply (to myself): But they are so useful, so ingenious, so enjoyable!
I try to resist but I cannot!
Don’t get me wrong, some old-timers are wonderful too.
So, what are your thoughts? Tell all!

Apr 25, 2009

Mathematics: Quotes

Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics, 
I assure you that mine are greater.
-Albert Einstein

Whatever we Greeks receive we improve and perfect.
-Plato (On math)

There is nothing strange in the circle
being the origin of any and every marvel.

Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty
without taking off your shoes.
-Mickey Mouse

Apr 24, 2009

Mathematics: Oh, the A-gon-y of Geometry

Evan and I agreed that somebody ought to come up with some REAL math so I was given a second chance to redeem myself after flaking with my emo math post From Abstract to Real.

Above is my double-header - a Scrabble game score pad, one of the few places I practice addition these days. That square doodle on the right was actually made by a rubber stamp Evan's dad commissioned for him after Ev came up with the symbol. The mark not only incorporates the letters in Evan's name, E, V, A, and N, but fortunately for me also utilizes 2 triangles and 2 trapezoid polygons.

Math practice:
To determine play-by-play scores for each Scrabble player, subtract each number on the list from the one following.
Above is Evan's hanging wall art overlaid with a paper towel I snuck in there. The towel is pierced with octagons, diamonds, squares, and triangles. The nearby circles and rectangles are provided by the tin man.

Thank you.

Apr 22, 2009

Mathematics: Of Time

Time maths on.
Seconds, minutes, hours, years.

A bona fide fossil.
Stainless band, second hand, 5:07.

A bona fide fossil.
Look at them wrinkles!

Set the time.
Set the timer.

Digital don’t tick!
Start/Stop. Bing!

Apr 21, 2009

Mathematics: From Abstract to Real

as a child i was bad at math
couldn't do math to save my soul
always had to ask for help and even then rarely got math
in seventh grade my mother wrote my math teacher, mr. georgy,
to ask him to stop tsk-ing me
when handing back quizzes and homework
my confusion was not criminal
now i can sort things out
because i'm dealing with
home improvement and
supermarket purchases instead of
cryptic numbers on paper
when i started work in HMO finance
my boss called me into his office to get acquainted
and revealed that there are actually
people living in the world today
who don't know what numbers are
i said nothing
just wondered if he'd forgotten that i was a temp
and that having a facility for numbers
barely figures into the equation
when filling a temp position
with the third hire in as many months

is it cheating to ask the Divine for help with math?

"setting aside that thing re
the growing pains in my friendship with S--
what, Spirit, is math?"

math is all the sorry's you feel when it is time for friends to go
math is the desires of the heart towards
something unmistakable and mysterious
math is knowing why you want such a thing
and why you have outgrown others
math is the tweedling sounds birds make
beyond your fractured window of mind
math is your great protest
math is your peace when protest is done
math seeks not the words of God, but opens the door to Him
math is truth
math is fiddlesticks
math is who you are and
where you travel on the winding path to Peace

be well, dear one
be in math,
in truth


Apr 20, 2009

NEW THEME: Mathematics

We are continuously surrounded by real–life demonstrations of mathematical forms. Concepts of math appear in architecture, nature, art, and everything else everywhere. Ratios, mathematical sequences, and geometric design make up the world; spanning from the symmetrical and unique snowflake, to the rhythmic ticking of a clock.

See if you can uncover math in the world around you.
Turn chaos into calculus...

Apr 19, 2009

Warmth: Past, Passed, Present

Five handmade afghans, gifts from five beloved people who have died, the warmth of treasured family and friends remembered. My mother’s based on the Mondrian paintings she was fascinated by, a gift for my husband. My great-grandmother Oma’s, like a coat of many colors, knit from leftover scraps of wool, edged with black crochet. My dear friend Bunny’s, with long stripes of colors she selected just for me. Our daughter Sydney’s, dramatic green, black, red, a charming openwork pattern. A narrow pink throw from Hazel Davis, who introduced my husband to his birth-mother in Kansas years ago and asked if she could be his mother, too.

Warm cherished memories.


Warmth: Many Matching Matches

The warm glow of a match is a precious thing.
Wonder, to me, it has and will always bring.

Too windy, too wet,
it won't light at all.
A precious burning ruby,
me it does enthrall.

Apr 16, 2009

Warmth: Home

filling in the blanks,
after my divorce
I moved six blocks away
from the house I had jointly owned
with evan's dad for twelve years

my apartment's in the mango-colored building
at the end of the drive on the right

my son, evan

i love this view of our neighbor's cottage
looking toward the berkeley hills

moving was scary
I had no idea what to expect
from single life

now, new + home = warmth


Apr 15, 2009


Please interpret "Warmth".


Apr 14, 2009

Artistry: Adorning the Home

Here are some of the textiles adorning our home that I appreciate anew each day. An embroidered crewel-work pillow from India. The square of lace covering our front door glass that Laurie brought us from a London flea market. The quilt Stephanie made for our anniversary, its subtle colors making each square uniquely beautiful. Just a sampling of the riches that adorn our home, giving me such pleasure.


Apr 13, 2009

Artistry: Surrounded by Art

I have had an art–filled week.

I decorated Easter eggs with family...

... discovered things that had been forgotten 
(like this assemblage clock)...

... and bought some interesting hand–made figures, 
each one is as big as your thumb nail. 
I also remembered my old technique of using a flashlight for dramatic lighting.

Overall, it has been a great Spring Break. 

Apr 5, 2009

Artistry: Learning To Be Love

(The following is a message from Spirit through myself, a channel. The message concerns the celestial concept of the world as classroom. The classroom offers learning experiences that help us change our perception of such concepts as "separate" and "good" and "bad". Eventually, we awaken and learn that the world is illusion, as the Buddha taught long ago. Over time, through many earth incarnations and experiences, we are again and again offered opportunities to rise above "duality"--the belief in opposites--and remember that we are all really spirit and One in God. -Laurie) 

Dear Spirit,
Do you have any desire to define "artistry" for the photo blog?

Good Morning, Dear One.

I come to you this morning to engage in the art of peaceful change: seeking right knowledge whereby one must reach the stream of greatest Love that bids you welcome and holds forth the lovely key to your authentic freedom and peace. This, then, is true artistry: the choice of such peace that transcends the blighted skies that seek not peace, but their own dented quest for sovereignty. These ideas, as you know, dear one, are temporal. They are justly combined only for a specific time that each dear soul may enter into true peace in its very own way. This transition goes by the name of "learning", which each soul undertakes for its true expansion into Love. From the temporal, as you would put it, to the Divine. Which - make no mistake - all of you now are. The temporal is the carefree laboratory for such timely transitions from perceived freedoms into Gold. The world will not last, but your kindly Lord, God, will. Have no fear, then, of your golden inheritance, your true selves, God. Your origin is golden, your Source, God. Your true and fundamental Artistry Supreme.

Thank you.

Apr 4, 2009

NEW THEME: Artistry

Artistry expressed in so many ways: paper clips, pens, rubber bands stored attractively for instant access; refrigerator magnets grouped to catch the eye; shoes, tee-shirts, socks arrayed in neat piles. Cooking, of course: eggs scrambled just right, not runny, not hard; the inviting selection of carrot sticks, radishes, broccoli florets for the party dip. And the random artistry of nature: the bright yellow blooms of oxalis decorating yards, fields not yet turned into supermarkets, car dealerships, housing tracts; the wild blackberry bushes.


Most Treasured: Evan's Recovery

I can’t begin to count my treasures, all the things I love: my family, friends, home, things I’ve collected. Right now, I’d say my biggest treasure is my grandson Evan’s recovery from a bad arthritis. Although recovery is very intangible to photograph, isn’t it?

Another treasure is our spring garden. Beautiful Pacific Coast iris hybrids, Labrador violets, ferns. I’ve shown you the garden more than once, haven’t I? So please bear with me as I picture it again!


Apr 3, 2009

Most Treasured: My Meds

I was considering choosing my journal as my most treasured possession; my laptop; the gold chain my best friend gave me. But my most important and treasured material possessions are the pills I have been taking. 

They (along with physical therapy) are my path to getting better, my way out.

Apr 2, 2009

Most Treasured: Truth

"You hear me repeat the word that has brought so many hearts together in Love and Peace. Truth. Truth. Would that the sky you entrust with your thoughts and aims ring with the sound of that word. Would that all would be inclined to peer up into the Light that made the chimes that sound that word. Truth. This, then, is what you stand for. What you love and seek. The truth."

-Spirit, March 30, 2009