Apr 5, 2009

Artistry: Learning To Be Love

(The following is a message from Spirit through myself, a channel. The message concerns the celestial concept of the world as classroom. The classroom offers learning experiences that help us change our perception of such concepts as "separate" and "good" and "bad". Eventually, we awaken and learn that the world is illusion, as the Buddha taught long ago. Over time, through many earth incarnations and experiences, we are again and again offered opportunities to rise above "duality"--the belief in opposites--and remember that we are all really spirit and One in God. -Laurie) 

Dear Spirit,
Do you have any desire to define "artistry" for the photo blog?

Good Morning, Dear One.

I come to you this morning to engage in the art of peaceful change: seeking right knowledge whereby one must reach the stream of greatest Love that bids you welcome and holds forth the lovely key to your authentic freedom and peace. This, then, is true artistry: the choice of such peace that transcends the blighted skies that seek not peace, but their own dented quest for sovereignty. These ideas, as you know, dear one, are temporal. They are justly combined only for a specific time that each dear soul may enter into true peace in its very own way. This transition goes by the name of "learning", which each soul undertakes for its true expansion into Love. From the temporal, as you would put it, to the Divine. Which - make no mistake - all of you now are. The temporal is the carefree laboratory for such timely transitions from perceived freedoms into Gold. The world will not last, but your kindly Lord, God, will. Have no fear, then, of your golden inheritance, your true selves, God. Your origin is golden, your Source, God. Your true and fundamental Artistry Supreme.

Thank you.

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Unnecessary J said...

I love this photo with Mary in the corner. It's like she is watching over the streets below her. Wonderful :]