Apr 30, 2009

Gadgets: Irresistible!

Our house was built in 1910. We moved here in November 1959, almost fifty years ago. And still attached to the kitchen wall was an old-fashioned bottle/jar opener. It is more than fifty years old, maybe as old as the house, close to 100 years old. I use it all the time. I pull the spring back with the little black knob, insert the top of the jar, push the spring back with the knob for the jaws to clench the top. When it’s firmly gripped, turn the jar, now see the top loosen. It’s my favorite gadget.

Some of the others: the chicken timer, the Japanese goma toaster, sesame seed shaken over the flame till golden, the garlic press I bought when I was first married, some fifty-seven years ago, in a hardware store on Polk Street, and a wedge-shaped but efficient Wilton ice cream scoop, red rubber-like grip, streamlined silver head, the latest gadget I couldn’t resist. Oh, lovely gadgets!



Unnecessary J said...

Chicken timer = fantastic gadget!!

wonderful post & stories :]

ArtSparker said...

I once lived in an apartment which had many foldout features, including a little seat in the bathroom in front of the mirror, and a precursor to the refrigerator - just a cupboard that was open to the outside instead having a wall as I recall , or maybe there was a screen of some kind).