Apr 21, 2009

Mathematics: From Abstract to Real

as a child i was bad at math
couldn't do math to save my soul
always had to ask for help and even then rarely got math
in seventh grade my mother wrote my math teacher, mr. georgy,
to ask him to stop tsk-ing me
when handing back quizzes and homework
my confusion was not criminal
now i can sort things out
because i'm dealing with
home improvement and
supermarket purchases instead of
cryptic numbers on paper
when i started work in HMO finance
my boss called me into his office to get acquainted
and revealed that there are actually
people living in the world today
who don't know what numbers are
i said nothing
just wondered if he'd forgotten that i was a temp
and that having a facility for numbers
barely figures into the equation
when filling a temp position
with the third hire in as many months

is it cheating to ask the Divine for help with math?

"setting aside that thing re
the growing pains in my friendship with S--
what, Spirit, is math?"

math is all the sorry's you feel when it is time for friends to go
math is the desires of the heart towards
something unmistakable and mysterious
math is knowing why you want such a thing
and why you have outgrown others
math is the tweedling sounds birds make
beyond your fractured window of mind
math is your great protest
math is your peace when protest is done
math seeks not the words of God, but opens the door to Him
math is truth
math is fiddlesticks
math is who you are and
where you travel on the winding path to Peace

be well, dear one
be in math,
in truth



Unnecessary J said...

"math is all the sorry's you feel when it is time for friends to go."

so sad. beautiful poetry.

ama said...

Startling, original, a wonderment.