Apr 24, 2009

Mathematics: Oh, the A-gon-y of Geometry

Evan and I agreed that somebody ought to come up with some REAL math so I was given a second chance to redeem myself after flaking with my emo math post From Abstract to Real.

Above is my double-header - a Scrabble game score pad, one of the few places I practice addition these days. That square doodle on the right was actually made by a rubber stamp Evan's dad commissioned for him after Ev came up with the symbol. The mark not only incorporates the letters in Evan's name, E, V, A, and N, but fortunately for me also utilizes 2 triangles and 2 trapezoid polygons.

Math practice:
To determine play-by-play scores for each Scrabble player, subtract each number on the list from the one following.
Above is Evan's hanging wall art overlaid with a paper towel I snuck in there. The towel is pierced with octagons, diamonds, squares, and triangles. The nearby circles and rectangles are provided by the tin man.

Thank you.

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Unnecessary J said...

haha i liked your "emo" math post! but i like this happy one too. i like the geometry letters, and especially the tin man. i usually don't like math but your theme is making me appreciate it more x]