Apr 19, 2009

Warmth: Past, Passed, Present

Five handmade afghans, gifts from five beloved people who have died, the warmth of treasured family and friends remembered. My mother’s based on the Mondrian paintings she was fascinated by, a gift for my husband. My great-grandmother Oma’s, like a coat of many colors, knit from leftover scraps of wool, edged with black crochet. My dear friend Bunny’s, with long stripes of colors she selected just for me. Our daughter Sydney’s, dramatic green, black, red, a charming openwork pattern. A narrow pink throw from Hazel Davis, who introduced my husband to his birth-mother in Kansas years ago and asked if she could be his mother, too.

Warm cherished memories.



Laurie Cannon said...

That's nice.
Nice commentary.

Unnecessary J said...

beautiful. they look so warm :]