May 31, 2009

Industrial Snapshots: Ready Mix

San Francisco Ready Mix, Illinois & Mariposa. That’s where Baba and I ended up, near Third Street, trying to find some remnant of local heavy industry that hadn’t migrated, outsourced, gone belly-up, rusted. No more American Can, Bethlehem Steel. Buildings turned into condos, lofts.

So I settled for San Francisco Ready-Mix, on a Sunday, not working, fenced-in, deserted, nothing, but nothing, happening.


May 26, 2009

Industrial Snapshots: Postcards from Industrial City, Emeryville, USA

i am blank tonight
maybe i should let the-little-city-that-could
speak for itself

there was a woman in a little red car in this tiny alley who looked at me funny through her rearview mirror
afterwards, I fantasized about returning with a snapshot postcard to leave in her mailbox so she could see I was making art, not casing houses on the street, scoping out marks for later
"look at this!" i'd say. "isn't it beautiful?!"

i imagined residents stepping outside to retrieve their mail
and finding postcards of the charming views they see everyday from their stoops across the street

emeryville, california
i like you a lot

:) laurie

NEW THEME: Industrial Snapshots

Some Industrial-strength photos, please.

Beginning with this post, two new rules apply:

1. Each blogger must wait at least 48 hours between posts.

2. There is no waiting period for the first post following the posting of a new theme.


May 24, 2009

B: Stands For...

I didn't really have anything specific in mind to shoot, 
so I just wandered around the house. 
It's time to learn your ABCs ... or maybe just your BBBs.


Bottle Brush

And, well, Bee

May 18, 2009

B: Artful Birds

Bird Art: Entrancing depictions, universally appealing.
Symbolic of grace, speed, lightness.
Transient creatures immortalized by artists everywhere.
Bird Art: Laurie’s papier mache bird eternally in flight.
Bird Art: Painted clay from Mexico, painted paper from India.
Beauty in my museum.


May 17, 2009

B: Is For Bike

Mornings, I ride down to the Berkeley Marina before Evan wakes up. There's zero storage in the apartment, so I keep my bike next to my bed and try not to thonk the wall between bedrooms while carrying out the bike. This is one of those pictures I love to take of Emeryville, California - the tiny city that is kind to cameras.

There's a rough trail that bisects the nature preserve at the Marina. In rainy weather the path floods and I'll be forced to use the paved road and dodge traffic and broken glass.

A few mornings ago there was a falcon, a blackbird, and a crow perched on lampposts above the road. The crow and the blackbird were none too pleased at the appearance of the falcon. The little blackbird stationed itself at the end of the kestrel's post, and over and over again dove and snapped at the predator's tail while the crow harangued him from its perch some distance away. I biked on, rounded the spit, and when I returned, the falcon was alone, the blackbird had flown, and the crow was on the ground pestering a hiker for food.
Here's the 880 overpass. I've left the Marina behind. Sometimes I'll dismount, park my bike, frame a shot, and stand and wait for the rest of the elements to drive into it...what I do for excitement.

Ama, I don't know what happened to "A",
but one thing I do know -
"B" is for "bike".



Is this EZ or what? Photograph and write about anything with B. It can begin with B, it can have the letter B in it! Bad is Burgeoningly Beautiful! Bottles Babble! The Be-All East Bay!


May 16, 2009

Treasure Hunt: Alameda Ghost Town

Today we drove down to the old 
Alameda Military Base on San Francisco Bay.
The base was abandoned by the navy a decade ago,
left to rust and crumble.
Insidious weeds, long jagged cracks in the pavement,
broken windows.

You feel as if you're being watched.

Out of place: A de-commissioned  bomber on a concrete pillar guards the base.

Red (and orange): A brake light on an abandoned truck in the middle of a concrete lot.

Broken: A warped and rusted car on risers with no wheels.

May 11, 2009

Treasure Hunt: Voila!

My husband is just returned from ER, angiogram, stents, and I’m sticking close to home while he recovers from his coronary ordeal, not a heart attack, but close. So instead of going on a photo shoot, I’m foraging through pictures I’ve already taken to see what, if anything, fits this theme...something out of place, something broken, something red...

Voila! As they say, an embarrassment of riches. Why, I wonder, do they say that? Is it embarrassing to succeed, is success embarrassing? Can one succeed too well?


May 10, 2009

Treasure Hunt: San Francisco Secrets

Something out of place
Graffiti tags and stickers lining a Post Street stop sign
Downtown San Francisco

Something broken
Rusted marquee, Ruby Skye nightclub
Downtown San Francisco

Something red
Phormium and City Hall
San Francisco Civic Center

this morning I took the train into the city
on my way to a new meet-up on "cathedral hill".
my old stomping grounds, it felt good to be pounding
hometown streets again.
i'd brought the easyshare and everytime I took a shot
people squinted to see what in heck I was aiming at.
no landmarks, just beauty in the rough.
beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty.


May 9, 2009

NEW THEME: Treasure Hunt

~Hunt for three pictures~

Something out of place

Something broken

Something red

At least one photograph must be taken beyond your neighborhood.

May 7, 2009

Advertise!: Not–So–Subliminal

We have learned to just ignore the constant stream of "Buy This!" that bombards us on a daily basis. While looking around the house, trying to decide what to do for this post, I realized that there were millions of possibilities. Everywhere I looked, ads jumped out at me. 

Now, they're art.

May 4, 2009

Advertise!: Labels

Iceland Skating Rink
Berkeley, California

Emerybay 10 Cinema
Emeryville, California

Emeryville Amtrak Train Station
Emeryville, California

I've been an on again-off again fan of Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now and A New Earth). I just went out and bought his second book, Stillness Speaks, and now I'm on for life. I am aware that going to a guy to have him tell you about what you need to do to be love, be joy, be Being, is a contradiction. Getting enlightened by someone other than myself makes me feel less than angelic, but one must start somewhere. Thus, I searched the Web to see what Tolle had on labeling, looking for a quote for this post. In New Earth, Tolle defines labeling as the mind's learned habit of naming things as a means of positioning the "I" at the center of its universe, impeding the stillness required to experience Being. Tolle suggests we watch the labeling.

While searching Tolle, I found a plethora of articles, interviews, and criticism on this New Age spiritual teacher. Tolle's perceptions do not fit the traditional Christian mold and some find his process offensive. What's great is it doesn't matter. Nothing seems to stay the same and one can resist only for so long before the tide pulls you somewhere and things change.

March 2008 journal entry, before the tide changed:

"I wonder, why create more for monkey mind to do by giving it the task of not labeling things? My mind leaves a house to step onto a street to face miles of things not to label. It's a lot of stuff."


May 3, 2009

Advertise!: Call Now!

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it.” This quote by Stephen Leacock, Canadian humorist, 1869-1944, seems just as true today as when Leacock wrote this in 1924.

And how about all those endless TV ads, more ads than the movie or the news, commercials always interrupting at the very moment you are waiting to see what’s gonna happen next!

Here’s a list of America’s needs, according to the ads: 1. Weight loss. 2. A brand-new car. 3. Relief from insomnia.
 4. Finding the perfect love(er). 5. Relief from erectile dysfunction. 6. Food. 7. Relief from indigestion. 8. Weight loss.


NEW THEME: Advertise!

Bloggers, please present a marketing scheme: Advertise!


Gadgets: Cool, but...

We are surrounded by various gadgets always, everywhere. They either make our lives easier or just preoccupy us for a while. Sometimes I feel emotionaly connected to these machines. I just have to remember that what's most important, you can't buy...

My Phone

My Gameboy Game

My Gameboy
(Haven't played in a year.... I miss that little time waster)

May 2, 2009

Gadgets: Learning Aid

i use the computer to connect with learning resources
i journal with spirit in a desktop file and
source channeled material and less frequently
YouTube videos of people like new age spirituality mentor,
eckhart tolle, above, and vampire weekend (see their
video, oxford comma, an all-in-one-shot-miracle along
the lines of that unbelievable brits-on-the-beach
panorama from the film atonement)
the computer is useful but has its limitations
sometimes i'll get on the computer and feel like
it's dead, nothing's coming in
then something'll go "bingo!" and i'll figure out i
need to tap new territory or revisit
something i thought was done