May 4, 2009

Advertise!: Labels

Iceland Skating Rink
Berkeley, California

Emerybay 10 Cinema
Emeryville, California

Emeryville Amtrak Train Station
Emeryville, California

I've been an on again-off again fan of Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now and A New Earth). I just went out and bought his second book, Stillness Speaks, and now I'm on for life. I am aware that going to a guy to have him tell you about what you need to do to be love, be joy, be Being, is a contradiction. Getting enlightened by someone other than myself makes me feel less than angelic, but one must start somewhere. Thus, I searched the Web to see what Tolle had on labeling, looking for a quote for this post. In New Earth, Tolle defines labeling as the mind's learned habit of naming things as a means of positioning the "I" at the center of its universe, impeding the stillness required to experience Being. Tolle suggests we watch the labeling.

While searching Tolle, I found a plethora of articles, interviews, and criticism on this New Age spiritual teacher. Tolle's perceptions do not fit the traditional Christian mold and some find his process offensive. What's great is it doesn't matter. Nothing seems to stay the same and one can resist only for so long before the tide pulls you somewhere and things change.

March 2008 journal entry, before the tide changed:

"I wonder, why create more for monkey mind to do by giving it the task of not labeling things? My mind leaves a house to step onto a street to face miles of things not to label. It's a lot of stuff."



ArtSparker said...

Rather ominous signs. It's nice to know someone in the neighborhood!

Have you ever noticed how many crown signs there are for very humble businesses?

Laurie Cannon said...

We can only be grateful that they give us something to snap at (photograph)!

While waiting for a bike fix from The Tip Top Bike Shop on Telegraph, I was making my way back up the strip to get my bike and saw many fine, prime photo ops what with all the yesteryear, tumbledown signs. It was great!

Now if I can only get myself out of bed for the a.m. light...

I know...kind of wild to stumble upon another local, huh?

ama said...

love the photos, interestiong commentary.

Unnecessary J said...

I agree with Ama here. wonderful commentary and photos. The middle one is my favorite. :]

Laurie Cannon said...

Update - I walked into a local
taqueria last night and saw a
notice on the bulletin board
for a Tolle group in San
Francisco. Giant coincidence
along the lines of there are no

Unnecessary J said...

haha heres the deal with my dress posts...the pink one is a dress I borrowed from my freind elizabeth in case I wasn't able to find one at the store...but I found one, so now I'm not going to wear the pink one. sorry I'm so confusing x]

boxof said...

here here. i love the top one iself

Laurie Cannon said...

I fell in love with the black wires
love to see it as an abstract painting