May 17, 2009

B: Is For Bike

Mornings, I ride down to the Berkeley Marina before Evan wakes up. There's zero storage in the apartment, so I keep my bike next to my bed and try not to thonk the wall between bedrooms while carrying out the bike. This is one of those pictures I love to take of Emeryville, California - the tiny city that is kind to cameras.

There's a rough trail that bisects the nature preserve at the Marina. In rainy weather the path floods and I'll be forced to use the paved road and dodge traffic and broken glass.

A few mornings ago there was a falcon, a blackbird, and a crow perched on lampposts above the road. The crow and the blackbird were none too pleased at the appearance of the falcon. The little blackbird stationed itself at the end of the kestrel's post, and over and over again dove and snapped at the predator's tail while the crow harangued him from its perch some distance away. I biked on, rounded the spit, and when I returned, the falcon was alone, the blackbird had flown, and the crow was on the ground pestering a hiker for food.
Here's the 880 overpass. I've left the Marina behind. Sometimes I'll dismount, park my bike, frame a shot, and stand and wait for the rest of the elements to drive into it...what I do for excitement.

Ama, I don't know what happened to "A",
but one thing I do know -
"B" is for "bike".



yann said...

greath pic

Unnecessary J said...

wonderful bird story (another b!) along with some charming bike pictures :]

ArtSparker said...

I like the way the bike is lurking at the outskirts of the photos.

ama said...

B is for beautiful! Loved them all.
the pics, the story!

ArtSparker said...

L - Thinking of you today as I was writing a very short piece for the East Bay Monthly about Manifesto Bikes on 40th street. Darling people. Anyway, the piece isn't in until July, but if you are in their neighborhood, you could stop by.

Laurie Cannon said...

Hmm? Manifesto on 40th? I bought mine from The Tip Top Bike Shop on Telegraph-mentioned in earlier post. Yes, there will be a drive-by, since I'm always tooling by on 40th. Thanks. Happy M-Day.