May 31, 2009

Industrial Snapshots: Ready Mix

San Francisco Ready Mix, Illinois & Mariposa. That’s where Baba and I ended up, near Third Street, trying to find some remnant of local heavy industry that hadn’t migrated, outsourced, gone belly-up, rusted. No more American Can, Bethlehem Steel. Buildings turned into condos, lofts.

So I settled for San Francisco Ready-Mix, on a Sunday, not working, fenced-in, deserted, nothing, but nothing, happening.



ArtSparker said...

There's an area begging for a future of some kind. The tower against the blue sky is very striking.

Laurie Cannon said...

This is 100-proof industrial, ama.
I agree with Artsparker-that tower is formidable. Wow.

Josh Jones said...

I like these shots! Great blog and great title!

Keep up the awesome work!