May 16, 2009

Treasure Hunt: Alameda Ghost Town

Today we drove down to the old 
Alameda Military Base on San Francisco Bay.
The base was abandoned by the navy a decade ago,
left to rust and crumble.
Insidious weeds, long jagged cracks in the pavement,
broken windows.

You feel as if you're being watched.

Out of place: A de-commissioned  bomber on a concrete pillar guards the base.

Red (and orange): A brake light on an abandoned truck in the middle of a concrete lot.

Broken: A warped and rusted car on risers with no wheels.


ama said...

Stunning photos, as always! I especially like the airplane silhouette, like an ominous bird.

ArtSparker said...

The brake light is my favorite

Laurie Cannon said...

Ev, these pictures are so fabulous,
I can't stop looking at them.
And to think you shot them with an
lowly Easyshare!
I'm super impressed with your unique
vision and attention to astonishing detail.

Unnecessary J said...

i LOVE the blue shy in the first one, these are all so unique. excellent post :]]] thanks.