May 10, 2009

Treasure Hunt: San Francisco Secrets

Something out of place
Graffiti tags and stickers lining a Post Street stop sign
Downtown San Francisco

Something broken
Rusted marquee, Ruby Skye nightclub
Downtown San Francisco

Something red
Phormium and City Hall
San Francisco Civic Center

this morning I took the train into the city
on my way to a new meet-up on "cathedral hill".
my old stomping grounds, it felt good to be pounding
hometown streets again.
i'd brought the easyshare and everytime I took a shot
people squinted to see what in heck I was aiming at.
no landmarks, just beauty in the rough.
beauty, beauty, beauty, beauty.



ArtSparker said...

A nice collection.

Was in S.F. yesterday to check out the Tenderloin National Park.

Next time, you must get to the Civic Center to see the additions to the trees there - out of place and belonging as well. By an artist named Cameron Hocksworth, I believe.

ama said...

Extraordinary photos!

Laurie Cannon said...

Tenderloin National Park--
that's a new one.
Now I'm going to have to
Google that.

While in Civic Center weeks ago, I noticed that some bare branches had been trussed up on their trees, where usually they hack those back to the nub in Fall. Passing by yesterday I was distracted by an open-air choir performing for the Buddha's birthday and so didn't get to check in with the trees.

Now I'm curious.

Roxie said...

Love your photos, I really like the bits of red, my favorite color next to magenta. A family of photographers, how cool is that! Looking forward to more pics.

Laurie Cannon said...

Thanks, Roxie.
Looking forward
to following your work.
Now I'm tempted to post pics
of the robot I made so you can see.
I'll see if I can sneak it in
one of these here days.

Laurie :)