Jun 21, 2009

Expect the Unexpected: Duaflex IV

I was playing around with my old Duaflex IV, taking pictures of it (because it's no longer able to take pictures, itself).

I started experimenting more with taking pictures with my digital through the lens of the Duaflex. I was surprised with the unexpected: Abstract deliciousness.

*Clicking on the pictures to view the larger size makes them look more vibrant, for some reason*


ArtSparker said...

These are beautiful.

ama said...

Yes, they feel like photographs of outer space, subtle, yet dazzling, extraordinary.

Thank you for your wonderful vision.

Laurie Cannon said...

Both lovely abstractions.
What is the squiggly one?

Laurie Cannon said...

the duaflex is gorgeous too.

Evan Neff said...

It's that metal wire ball, close up.

Unnecessary J said...

Wow. These are wonderful!! I love the colors in the top one.

Mushi said...

The first is absolutely amazing!
I love your pictures, it's good to get a little insight into the American life.