Jun 15, 2009

Expect the Unexpected!: In the 'Hood

This Blue Heron poised on highest point of backyard neighbor’s roof waits patiently for me to grab my camera. He probably has a nest in vicinity of nearby Golden Gate Park's Stow Lake.

These grubby animals, including Teddy and Donald Duck, may be relics of the pickup owner’s childhood? Where’s his blanky?

Armadillo Bar-B-Q! Our friend Linda phoned to urge baba and me to get right down to Ft. Mason to see it. The guy who designed and built it and towed it all the way from Amarillo,Texas to San Francisco to cater a party, fed us a sample. Delicious!

I’m endlessly surprised.



ArtSparker said...

A good collection. The grubby maltreated stuffed animals cry out to be on the cover of some book of tormented poetry.

My theory: won at fairs, and hung as trophies for the world to see.

Raysgirl62 said...

i love these! you have inspired me, by the way, to break out my camera and start taking some shots.

Unnecessary J said...

These are so wonderful and very unexpected!! Excellent shot of the heron, the care bears and very spooky. And I kinda want to built an armadillo to put on my car like that haha, wish I could have seen that in person!

Love, J

eat-a-heaps said...

Some truly harrowing care bear cadavers. Must be the ones the guy accidentally ran over.

I saw a heron fighting a bunch of angry crows in flight over my garden last year. It looked like a Luftwaffe Stuka squadron attacking a British bomber.
Exciting stuff, although I couldn't help feel it was merely a game of will, distracting from a more important ground assault with ..erm.. squirrels?

Care bears maybe?

I need more sleep.

Laurie Cannon said...

If we wait long enough, it'll be Lochlan.
Better let Evan do that.