Jun 2, 2009

Industrial Snapshots: Color + Black and White

It goes against all my instincts to pair these pictures together. The blazing and eye–catching color extremes of the rusty wheel contrasted with the black and white cement.

Together, they reach across the spectrum.


Laurie Cannon said...

Great photos, Ev.
The colors are my
favorite "rustic" shades.
There's an Emeryville photo I want to take that might be a mate or cousin to Rusted Wheel.
Maybe Wheel's the guy
and my subject is his Saturday Night date.

ama said...

These are wonderful, dear Ev. And I do think the pairing is successful. What they have in common is your fine-tuned viewpoint, your eye for form, abstraction, the essence, the design.


yann said...

BRa VO !! tres belle image les gros plan sont parfait

Laurie Cannon said...

The more I view these, the more I love them.
Your distinctive point of view serves up unique and wonderful pictures, Ev.
I am impressed!

Unnecessary J said...

love the theme. the colors of the top picture are amazing! you'd never expect to see a rainbow on a rusty wheel haha. :]]

Laurie said...

Gosh, these photos really connect. I can understand your initial reluctance, but they do go together.
Nice work.
Best wishes

ArtSparker said...

Gorgeous saturated shot of the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the wheels