Jun 9, 2009

Night: Two If By Night

The Italian artist Giorgio Morandi painted minimalist elongated bottles in muted colors. And that’s how my neighbor’s lit bathroom window with its assortment of silhouetted bottles appeared to me, like a local Morandi.

I didn't use a long exposure, unfamiliar with my little camera's capabilities, and the flash kicked in, actually adding to the mystery of the images.

Shooting my own closed window reflected back two abstract shapes, nicely spectral. And where did that rich blue shape come from? It all just happened.



Evan Neff said...

Ooh Ama, you bad bad girl! Shooting pictures though your neighbor's bathroom window!

Love the pics. Very mysterious and dream–like.

Laurie Cannon said...

A very practical Morandi.
A Costco member Morandi.

ArtSparker said...

I like the floating quality of the night windows.

Unnecessary J said...

These are really erie and cool. I love that blue shape :]

Love, J

Chris David Richards said...

It is strange how mistakes can make something better. The light from the flash makes it look almost ethereal.