Jul 14, 2009

Photographer's Choice: Departures

can't remember whether he'd put in the tomatoes yet
but here he's watering something
Evan's dad
my ex-husband
today he's leaving to go on tour with the musicians
he manages on the road
his wife stays behind
her job's to be pregnant and get ready for baby

behind him, more garden
the stones we laid five years past
the cracks lined with dead thyme
done in by his enthusiastic mowing
and - dang - let's do something about that flash going off!
it's broad daylight, for God's sake!

here's his airport taxi camouflaged in Bottlebrush
drat! there's that flash again
'bye, ex. Have a good trip


ama said...

I like how you took very ordinary scenes and made good photos of them. Nice! Clever!

Annah said...

Amazing color ... I love finding the beauty in the ordinary and you have captured it.