Jul 6, 2009

Photographer's Choice: Refrigerator Decor

Wouldn’t you agree it’s time for
a display of refrigerator decor?
Although the above lines do rhyme
in spite of the professor's opinion that
“You’ll never be taken seriously
as a poet if you rhyme!”
and I truly believe that decorative
baskets are excellent for hiding
clutter if you run out of shopping bags
and the bug that bobs when you open
the frig, hoping there’s something
good to snack on besides peanut
butter is so attractive,
compelling even, don’t you agree?



ArtSparker said...

Looks pretty lively on that door.

Evan Neff said...

I love how the last one sorta looks as though it was shot through a fisheye lens.

Now it's MY turn. Eeek I've really been slacking off with the blog this summer. But at least I'm getting distracted by summery things...

Laurie Cannon said...

That's Evan as a newborn in the last shot
I like the comics in every way

Unnecessary J said...

This post made me smile. I love the two cartoons, some of those magnets are fantastic :D