Jul 25, 2009

Summer Pick: Urban Nightscapes

Summer's come, the natives are restless.
Evan, who was home-schooled last year,
has satisfied his high school photography class requirement,
and so, no urgency regarding further proof that he can shoot from
the hip and file the results here on the page.  

I am on self-prescribed spiritual retreat (ha-ha!),
putting the tools to work,
peeling the onion, so to speak,
and I think I'll just leave the rest a mystery.

The photos are from a recent batch of nightscapes.
The light streamers in #2 came from a truck with a car in tow,
which I let sail right through the frame.
The tow driver then veered left and sped
through the open gate of a barbed-wire fence just out of frame,
and I prayed that he would not come back and sock me.
(One never knows with involuntary photography subjects.)

Anyway, good summer, all,
and if we don't see you,
and you don't see us,
have a peaceful life.



ArtSparker said...

Thanks for showing us your images, and for lending your eye and thoughts to my blog over the last few months. Hope the spiritual quest goes well.

Laurie Cannon said...

Thanks, Susan.
Have a groovy summer.

Unnecessary J said...

Beautiful in every way.

Laurie Cannon said...

Thanks, J.
Welcome home, BTW.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Love the warmth of the colour in these shots,beautiful. :)

Unnecessary J said...

I hope you start posting again soon :D

Leê's said...


AgapiStudios said...

wonderful ... I clicked next blog and found a wonderful suprise here. Best wishes and success for a life of joy and love. Beth

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